Dover Black

Dover Black slate is a heavy texture, non-weathering, unfading stone with a level of quartz that provides a glistening sheen. Our Dover Black is the only product approved as an alternate for Buckingham Slate on historic restorations by the National Park Service, Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and Historic Arlington Landmark Review Board.

Painted Desert Multi-Color

Painted Desert Multi-Color is a heavy texture stone from China with variation in thickness and texture to provide a very heavy profile on the roof. Colors range through a number of earth tones such as deep gray, brown, buff, and bronze to red. The roof tends to darken slightly as it weathers with some slates developing beautiful bronze and red …

Canyon Multi-Color

Canyon Multi-Color is very similar to the Painted Desert, with a slightly more uniform texture and thickness and similar coloring from deep gray/green to bronze and red. This Brazilian stone is harder, more dense, and better suited for harsher climates when compared to other imported multi-color slates.

Jade Green

Jade Green Slate is a medium to heavy texture stone that is accentuated by heavy chamfered edges. These are created by the high density of the stone and result in heavy shadow lines between the slate. The color is a rich deep jade green and has high light reflectivity compared to other slates, creating a brilliant and beautiful green roof, …

Rocky Mountain Green

Rocky Mountain Green slate is a medium stone with slight variation in thickness to provide a very natural, stony look to the roof. The very unique green color has slight gray markings and a hue of blue, especially when wet. Some slates may weather slightly, but the overall color typically remains uniform.

Sea Island Gray Green

Sea Island Gray Green slate is smooth and very uniform in texture. It is a non-fading gray/green stone that weathers very little, if any. The unique smooth texture creates a neat and clean design on the roof not available in any other stone. Imported from Brazil, it is a very popular product on modern home and commercial design.

Augusta Green

Augusta Green slate is a traditional, medium-textured, unfading green roofing slate with a uniform thickness. It provides some contrast with variation in the depth of green and occasional mottling on the roof. Unlike most Vermont fading greens, this product will maintain a distinct green hue with some variation and will not weather greatly over time.

Georgetown Gray

Georgetown Gray slate is a medium gray, unfading slate with medium to heavy texture. Heavy textured edges and a slightly thicker cut provide distinct rooflines. Occasional strata lines slightly lighter in color may be seen in some production. It is similar to Vermont Unfading Grays with a slightly darker unfading & non-weathering color.

Blue Black

Blue Black slate is a dark smooth texture roofing slate. It possesses some of the mica sheen typically only seen with Buckingham, Peach Bottom, and our Spanish Dover slates at a much lower cost. There is some variation in the color from Smoky dark gray (blue) to dark black which provides range on the roof.

Classic Black

Classic Black slate is smooth and uniform in texture with slight variations in thickness along the cleave of the stone. The color is a dark gray with variations in reflectivity, creating some range to the color on the roof. This Brazilian slate weathers very little if at all, and provides a very neat and clean design to the roof.

Hampton Black

Hampton Black slate is a smooth textured, very uniform dark gray/black that typically will not weather at all. Characteristic of most slate quarried in Europe over the past centuries, the uniform color and texture provides a formal and distinguished feel to the home. This slate is very popular in France and is likely the highest quality slate in the world.

Rocky Mountain Purple

Rocky Mountain Purple slate is a smooth to medium texture stone that is dark purple in color. As it weathers, some slates lighten or darken to provide a nice range of shades. Often blended with other colors on the roof, purple is the perfect accent color.

Vermont Black and Gray/Black

Vermont Black and Gray/Black slate is a medium to heavy texture stone with a medium to dark gray color and darker, linear markings. This slate is separated into the darker (Vermont Black) and lighter (Gray/Black) to provide the desired depth of color. While this slate does not weather into a multicolor roof, you may get some bronzing in the lighter …

Vermont Clear Black

Vermont Clear Black slate is a heavy textured black slate with a wide range of color and shading. This is a semi-weathering stone that develops earth tones of brown, buff, black, and gray/green over time. Each roof is unique because of variations in weathering. Large sizes are available.

Vermont Strata Gray

Vermont Strata Gray slate is a medium gray slate with black stripes. This medium to heavy-textured slate usually shows some buff and brown weathering. The random angles of the strata lines combined with the semi-weathering qualities provide heavy contrast through the roof.

Vermont Unfading Gray

Vermont Unfading Gray slate is a medium-texture slate, usually with black markings. It typically will not experience much, if any, buff & brown weathering. The color resembles battleship gray and may have a slight green hue when wet. It is a great choice for a formal design where uniformity in overall color is desired, but has enough shading to show …

Vermont Rocky Gray

Vermont Rocky Gray slate is a smooth to heavy texture stone that produces a natural blend of varying depths of gray to black. This unique stone, both in color and texture, provides contrast and character to the roof in ways that appear subtle, yet distinctive. The lighter stone in the blend can have a slight gray/green hue in certain light …

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray slate is a traditional slate gray color and ranges from having a clear appearance to small black markings. This slate may show some varying degrees of weathering from bronze to buff. It is a smooth to medium texture slate that is highly desirable when earth tone colors are desired on the roof.

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate has a green or gray/green color when first quarried. After application to the roof and exposure to the elements, a significant percentage of these slates weather to soft shades of buff and brown. Historically one of the most popular domestic slate colors, this very high quality stone is suitable for the harshest climates and is a …

Vermont Unfading Gray/Green

Vermont Unfading Gray/Green slate is a more subtle green than the Grassy with small gray markings in the slate. This slate weathers very little and is beautiful used alone on the entire roof, or as an accent color in a blend.

Vermont Unfading Grassy Green

Vermont Unfading Grassy Green slate is a medium texture stone with a vibrant jade green color and splashes of light & dark throughout the slate. Very unique and highly desired across the US and Europe, the slate weathers very little over time.

Vermont Royal & Variegated Purple

Vermont Royal & Variegated Purple slate is a deep purple slate, at times almost burgundy in color, which may have occasional green marks or inclusions. As with most natural stone, slight variations may occur over time due to weathering.

Vermont Mottled Purple

In Vermont Mottled Purple slate, purple and green combine to form unique patterns in each slate. Some pieces are mostly purple and may be called “Dark Mottled,” while at the other end of the range, green predominates and can be known as “Light Mottled.” This medium-textured slate weathers very little and is one of the most unique colors available on …

New York Red

New York Red slate is a bright red slate that will not change color. It is dense, very hard, and quarried in Washington County, New York, and commonly found in roof applications where color patterns and planned designs are desired. Unfading Red is a rare slate considered highly desirable.